As a travel enthusiast and photographer, I have learned a few things about capturing the perfect shot while on the go. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to travel photography. Here are my top tips for capturing your adventures:


1. Research your destination

Travel photography
Photo by Andy Vu

Before you embark on your adventure, do some research about the location you’re visiting. Look up popular photo spots, local customs, and any photography laws or restrictions. This will help you prepare and get the best shots possible.

2. Pack light

When traveling, it’s important to pack light. This includes your camera gear. Only bring the essentials, such as a camera body, a couple of lenses, and a tripod if necessary. You don’t want to be weighed down by unnecessary gear.

3. Take advantage of natural light

Natural light is your friend when it comes to travel photography. Try to shoot during the golden hour, which is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. The light is soft and warm, and perfect for capturing stunning landscapes and portraits.

4. Capture the local culture

Travel photography isn’t just about capturing beautiful scenery. It’s also about capturing the local culture and people. Take photos of the local cuisine, street vendors, and people going about their daily lives. This will add depth and interest to your travel photos.


1. Ignore the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a basic principle of photography. It involves dividing your frame into thirds both vertically and horizontally, and placing your subject at the intersection points. Ignoring this rule can result in boring and uninteresting photos.

2. Over-edit your photos

Editing can enhance your photos, but it’s important not to overdo it. Keep your editing natural and subtle. Over-editing can make your photos look fake and unrealistic.

3. Be disrespectful

When taking photos of people, it’s important to be respectful and ask for permission if necessary. Don’t invade people’s privacy or take photos of sensitive areas. Be aware of local customs and laws regarding photography.

4. Forget to enjoy your trip

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your trip! Yes, photography is important, but it’s also important to take in your surroundings and appreciate the moment. Put down your camera and take a moment to enjoy the scenery without worrying about capturing the perfect shot.

With these dos and don’ts in mind, you’re sure to capture amazing travel photos on your next adventure. Happy travels!